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Created by Selva Prabhakaran

  • Last updated 08/2021

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Welcome to ML+ University

Do you think mastering Machine Learning has to be time-consuming, overwhelming, and complicated? Or it has to involve complex mathematics and equations? Or requires a degree in computer science?

Well, That’s not exactly the case.

All you need to master machine learning is for someone to explain things to you in simple, intuitive terms. And that’s exactly what I do. My mission is to change machine learning education and how complex Data Science topics are taught.

Welcome to Machine Learning Plus University, the most clearly explained ML learning path online today. Here you’ll learn how to successfully and confidently apply machine learning to your work, research, and projects.

Just like an actual university, you’ll get access to a comprehensive and structured set of self-paced learning paths, along with query support.

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    Q. Do I need any programming experience before joining Machine Learning Plus University?
    No. You are good to start even if you have no coding experience or background. We teach Python programming needed for data science, from scratch

    Q. Do I need machine learning experience ?
    No. The courses inside Machine Learning Plus University will teach you all concepts and implementation of Machine Learning. As long as you complete the courses and assignments diligently, you will be successful inside Machine Learning Plus University

    Q. What happens after I purchase?
    After you purchase, you will be able to login and immediately access any code downloads, Jupyter Notebooks, video tutorials, courses, certificates of completion, etc.

    Q. Do I need any special software or hardware?
    No. All of our courses, coding exercises, etc. can be completed inside your browser using our pre-configured Jupyter Notebooks running in Google Colab. If you prefer to instead configure your local development environment, we provide install instructions as well.

    Q. How will I be charged?
    You will not be charged for the first 30 days. And you can cancel the trial anytime during the period, without any charges. If you continue the membership, you will be charged on a yearly or 6 monthly basis depending on the plan that you subscribed to.

    Q. Can I pause/cancel my subscription?
    Yes. Once you login, click your 'My profile' icon on top right, followed by “Subscriptions". From there you can edit your payment method or cancel/pause your membership.

    Q. Do you provide bulk Machine Learning Plus University memberships to business, colleges etc?
    Yes. Just write an email to, and we can schedule a call to discuss getting your organization access to Machine Learning Plus University


    Selva Prabhakaran Principal Data Scientist

    My name is Selva, and I am super excited to mentor you on this end-to-end learning path!

    I head the Data Science team for a global Fortune 500 company and over the last 10 years of my data science experience I’ve deployed 20+ global products. I’m also the Founder & Chief Author of Machine Learning Plus, which has over 4M annual readers.

    I specialize in covering the in-depth intuition and maths of any concept or algorithm. And based on my existing student requests, I’ve put up the series of courses and projects with detailed explanations – just like an on the job experience. Hope you love it!

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