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Machine Learning Path,

A complete overview of machine Learning Space,
understand it’s applications and limitations, and how
projects are undertaken.

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Get complete overview of machine Learning Space. Understand it’s
applications and limitations, and how projects are undertaken.

Course Curriculum

Package 1: Data Science Coding Expert

Package 2: Machine Learning Expert

Package 3: Data Science Deployment Expert

Package 4: Time Series Forecasting Expert

Package 5: Industry Projects Expert

Package 6: Advanced Data Science Topics

  • Spacy for NLP Sessions: 66 4hr 29m

    Master Industry level natural language processing using spacy

  • Base R Programming Sessions: 79 6hr 50m

    Get started with R-Programming with 9+ hours of in-depth content. Great for beginners and for data scientists trying to learn R as an added skill.

Learn from practising Data Scientists,
who solved real Industry Projects

Know your coach

Selva Prabhakaran

Principal Data Scientist

Hi everyone, I’m Selva Prabhakaran, Your instructor
I am super excited to mentor you on this project!

I head the Data Science team for a global Fortune 500 company and over the last 10 years of my data science experience I’ve deployed 20+ global products. I’m also the Founder & Chief Author of Machine Learning Plus, which has over 4M annual readers.

I specialize in covering the in-depth intuition and maths of any concept or algorithm. And based on my existing student requests, I’ve put up the series of courses and projects with detailed explanations – just like an on the job experience. Hope you love it!

What you'll achieve?

Get Data Science Jobs

Deploy your first AI software

Ideate AI based products

Be able to oversee data science projects

Launch AI business

Crack interviews

Who is this course for?

Data Science aspirants seeking jobs
Data Science practitioners looking to hone skills
Professionals who want to switch to Data Science career
Non-tech managers who want to oversee DS projects
Leaders who to digitally transform their organization
Entrepreneurs wishing to launch a business in AI space

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23 Courses in Machine Learning Plus University.

Hear from our learners


“ What others take 40 mins to cover, you are able to clearly explain that in 5 mins of visual drawings. ” - Dmitry Stroy



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