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Data Science Projects

  • Solve end to end projects with real data - like a practising data scientist
  • Learn multiple approaches of modeling, evaluations and performance improvement
  • Get all queries clarified by data science professionals and build your profile today

Created by Selva Prabhakaran

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What you will learn


Frame Data Science Problem Statement


Extensive Exploratory Data Analysis


Feature Engineering Strategies


Build Multiple Time Series Models


Model Evaluation and Improvement


Advanced Machine Learning Algorithms


Domain based data science strategies


Derive high business impact insights

Courses in the package

    Microsoft Malware Detection

    Predict whether a system will get infected by malware or not.

    Work on real Microsoft data, solve data challenges, gather insights, build and evaluate Machine Learning models just like on-the-job experience.

    Credit Card Fraud Detection

    Build a classification engine which predicts whether a transaction is fraud or not.

    Work on multiple features and real data set, and explore alternate approaches to modeling and evaluation

    Restaurant Visitor Forecasting

    Forecast number of restaurant visitors, using multiple strategies.

    Gain knowledge of basic to advanced statistical tools, time series concepts, and ML modeling techniques.

    Estimating Customer Lifetime Value for Business

    Learn the theory, concepts and Machine Learning methods on estimating Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) for businesses.

    Explore formula based, ML and probabilistic approaches and implement them using Python. Know about the mistakes to avoid and industry best practices.

    Optimizing Marketing Budget Spend with Market Mix Modelling

    Learn how to implement the core Market Mix Modeling (MMM) project for optimizing marketing mudget allocation using Python

    Covers Linear and Non-Linear modeling approaches Includes completely solved jupyter notebooks, including budget optimization code that you can reuse

    Predict Rating given Amazon Product Reviews using NLP

    Learn how to use Python to predict ratings given Amazon product text reviews.
    Covers the foundational NLP concepts with intuition, theory and code demo
    Practice using Python packages such as nltk, gensim, re, sklearn for various NLP tasks

    Detect Defects in Steel Sheets with Computer Vision

    Build a computer vision based model which can detect the defects in steel sheets. Understand how is computer vision helping in optimising the object detection process in the industry.

    Text Generation using Language Models with LSTM

    Build a text generation deep learning model to predict the next word in sentence using language models with LSTM.

    Classifying Sentiment of Reviews using BERT (NLP)

    Build a deep learning based NLP model (BERT) which can classify sentiments of reviews on an e commerce platform.


    • Courses Page1 Basics of Python
    • Courses Page1 Foundational knowledge of Data Science
    • Courses Page1 High school maths

    Who should attend this course?

    • Professionals in the field of data science

    • Professionals looking for a robust, structured Python learning program

    • Software or data engineers interested in quantitative analysis

    • Professionals working with large datasets

    • Data analysts, economists, researchers

    About the course

    These real data science projects across multiple domains will help you add new data science skills to your profile :

    • LightGBM
    • XGBoost
    • Random Forest
    • Decision Tree
    • Logistic Regression
    • Hyperparameter Tuning
    • Feature Importance
    • Confusion Matrix
    • ROC AUC
    • Concordance and Discordance
    • Precision Recall Curve
    • Capture Rates and Gains
    • Feature Engineering
    • Label Encoding
    • Frequency Encoding
    • Chi-Square test
    • ANOVA test
    • Exploratory Data Analysis
    • Memory Optimization
    • Data Preprocessing
    • Time Series Forecasting
    • ARIMA
    • Prophet by FB
    • Memory Optimization


    Selva Prabhakaran Principal Data Scientist

    My name is Selva, and I am super excited to mentor you on this project!

    I head the Data Science team for a global Fortune 500 company and over the last 10 years of my data science experience I’ve deployed 20+ global products. I’m also the Founder & Chief Author of Machine Learning Plus, which has over 4M annual readers.

    I specialize in covering the in-depth intuition and maths of any concept or algorithm. And based on my existing student requests, I’ve put up the series of courses and projects with detailed explanations – just like an on the job experience. Hope you love it!

    • 4.5+Instructor rating

    • 200+ reviews

    • 10K+students

    • 15+ Courses

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